Recently published: Queries special issue ‘The next women’s move’

In 2012 a special issue of Queries has been published in which you can find some articles in the topic of gender and far right. Just to mention some:

* Francesca Scrinzi: Gendering Anti-Immigration Politics in Europe

* Kathleen Blee: Bolstering Feminist Politics in a Time of Conservative Ascendancy

* Ronnee Schreiber: Conservaive Women in the Sisterhood?

* Andrea Pető: Far Right Movement and Gendered Mobilization in Hungary

The special issue can be accessed at for free.


Outlook: a book on gender, politics and religion in Saudi Arabia

If you are interested in the topic of religious nationalism and gender we recommend you to read the first chapter of Madawi Al-Rasheed’s recently published book entitled ‘A Most Masculine State: Gender, Politics and Religion in Saudi Arabia’.

Preview available on Google Books:

A ‘CEU On Point’ video with Andrea Pető on women in far right movements and perpetrators of war crime

Recently published: Bloody Nasty People: The Rise of Britain’s Far Right

Recently published book about the question how the far right entered Britain’s mainstream through the front door by Daniel Trilling.
Published by VERSO in October 2012.

More details:

A special issue from last year on women, fascism and the far-right

We call your attention to the special issue of Politics, Religion & Ideology from 2012 in which articles are focusing on the connections between women, fascism and the far-right in the long 20th century.

Accessed at

For our German-speaking followers

Visit the website of the German research group ‘Gender und Rechtextremismus’ if you are interested in gender and far right in Germany.